Dr. Arup Chakrabarti is a member of the prestigious International Intra-ocular Implant Club (IIIC) and an achievement awardee of AAO and APAO. One of the early pioneers of manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS) in India, he has been chief instructor and instructor at over 150 highly rated instruction courses at various international ophthalmology conferences and has trained over 500 cataract surgeons. He has won 10 named awards from various ophthalmological societies. He is editor of the textbook Cataract Surgery in Diseased Eyes and a reviewer for the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. He is a member of the Cataract Subspeciality Committee and Ethics Committee of AIOS. He has an abiding interest in glaucoma.

Summary of Presentations

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Friday, 04 October 2019
Suiun Room, 3F
14:40 – 14:48hrs S6-5
S6: STAY CALM – The Zen Approach to Managing Complications (14:00–15:30hrs)
Posterior Capsule Rent Management in 2019
Saturday, 05 October 2019
Suiun Room, 3F
12:05 – 12:13hrs S8-6
S8: IRON CHEF – Challenging Cataract Surgery (11:15–12:35hrs)
Post ICL Cataract Management
Kobu Room, 3F FP11: IOLs (II) (14:00 – 16:05hrs)
- Chair: Arup CHAKRABARTI, LEE Mun Wai