Dr. Levinger acquired his medical degree and had his residency in ophthalmology at the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem. He has headed various ophthalmology departments throughout the years, including the Department of Ophthalmology at Lilongwe General Hospital in Malawi, the Excimer Laser Institute, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, and the Ophthalmology Unit, Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital, Jerusalem. He established the Eye Hospital in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1995.

Among his areas of expertise are surgical C-LASIK and the implantation of devices including Intacs, phakic IOLs, and ICLs. He has published over 40 scientific papers on various topics in various peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Levinger is currently the medical manager of Enaim Medical Center, Jerusalem.

Summary of Presentations

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Thursday, 03 October 2019
Gyoun Room, 4F
10:40 – 10:48hrs S2-2
S2: UMAMI – Something for Everyone (10:30–12:00hrs)
Outcomes of Multifocal IOL Cataract Implantation in Post Refractive Patients Compared to Patients Who Did Not Undergo Refractive Surgery
Saturday, 05 October 2019
Gyoun Room, 4F
15:10 – 15:18hrs S10-8
S10: SUMO – Wrestling with Challenges in Refractive Surgery (14:00–15:30hrs)
Visual Outcome and Patient Satisfaction following Unilateral INLAY, Presby-LASIK and Multifocal IOL Implantation in Emmetropic Presbyopic Patients