Dr. Sri Ganesh is currently Chairman & Managing Director of Nethradhama Hospital Pvt Ltd. Managing Trustee Shraddha Eye Care Trust (R), Padmanabha Nagar Bangalore. He received his basic medical education in Bangalore, Karnataka, and completed his postgraduate training in ophthalmology at the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Minto Ophthalmic Hospital, Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore. He completed DNB in 1999. He was an observer fellow in phacoemulsification and LASIK at the Sheppard Eye Centre, LV, Nevada, U.S.

Summary of Presentations

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Thursday, 03 October 2019
Kobu Room, 3F
13:30 – 13:45hrs
MC8: Mastering Myopia (13:30–15:00hrs)
- Course Director: Sri GANESH, Kimiya SHIMIZU
Decision Making & Clinical Pathways in Selecting a Refractive Procedure for a Myopic Patient
Kyokusui Room, 3F
15:30 – 15:45hrs
MC10: Mastering Refractive Surgery Complications (15:30–17:00hrs)
Managing Intraoperative and Postoperative Complications of SMILE
Friday, 04 October 2019
Gyoun Room, 4F
07:30 – 08:30hrs
ASAGOHAN – Breakfast with Sensei (Meet–The–Experts)
Table 2: Refractive Surgery
Kobu Room, 3F
07:50 – 07:54hrs
RISE & SHINE – Controversies in Cataract & Refractive Surgery (07:30–08:30hrs)
Saturday, 05 October 2019
Suiun Room, 3F
09:05 – 10:05hrs
SV2: Johnson & Johnson Surgical Video Symposium (09:05 – 10:05hrs)
My Innovative Techniques of LCS using the Catalys System
Suiun Room, 3F
10:10 – 11:10hrs
SV3: ZEISS Surgical Video Symposium (10:10 – 11:10hrs)
Digital Microsurgery with Artevo 800 – Dawn of a New Era
Suiun Room, 3F
12:45 – 13:45hrs
IS10: ZEISS Lunch Symposium (12:45 – 13:45hrs)
Patient Selections in Managing Presbyopia
Suiun Room, 3F
15:00 – 15:08hrs S11-7
S11: CHANKO NABE – Anything Goes (14:00–15:30hrs)
Capsulotomy Fixated IOLs – The future?
嚢切開固定IOL - 将来性は?
Suiun Room, 3F
16:00 – 16:05hrs S12-1
S12: WISDOM OF THE SAMURAI – Top Cataract Surgery Tips (16:00–17:30hrs)
(5 minutes video presentation)
Kongo Room, 3F FP8: IOLs (I) (11:00 – 12:50hrs)
- Chair: Sri GANESH, John CHANG