Preliminary MasterClasses Overview

This year’s series of MasterClasses covers the hottest topics in ophthalmic surgery today. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best and brightest ophthalmic surgeons!




Thursday, 3 OCTOBER 2019
08:30 – 10:00hrs 10:30 – 12:00hrs
  MC1  Mastering Paediatric Cataract
           Course Directors: Abhay Vasavada & Ken Nischal
  MC4  Mastering IOL Fixation
               Course Directors: Chee Soon Phaik & Shin Yamane
               Alan Crandall, Mohan Rajan, Eiichi Nishimura
  MC2  Mastering Minimally Invasive 
            Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)
              Course Directors: Chelvin Sng & Nobuyuki Shoji
  MC5  Mastering Multifocals & Presbyopia
               Course Directors: John Chang
  MC3  Mastering Toric IOLs
              Course Directors: Tetsuro Oshika
  MC6  Mastering Corneal Endothelial
               Course Directors: Donald Tan & Jun Shimazaki
13:30 – 15:00hrs 15:30 – 17:00hrs
  MC7  Mastering Iris Defects
               Course Directors: Mohan Rajan
  MC10  Mastering Refractive Surgery
                 Course Directors: Cordelia Chan & Yoshihiro Kitazawa
  MC8  Mastering Myopia
               Course Directors: Sri Ganesh & Kimiya Shimizu
  MC11  Mastering Vitrectomy for Anterior
              Segment Surgeons
                 Course Directors: Ang Chong Lye & Yusuke Oshima
  MC9  Mastering Biometry
               Course Directors: Fam Han Bor
  MC12  Mastering Fluidics
                 Course Directors: Pannet Pangputhipong
                 & Takuya Shiba

Information is accurate at time of publication. APACRS reserves the right to make changes where required.