ASAGOHAN – Breakfast with Sensei

(Meet-The-Experts) エキスパートとの朝食

  Friday, 4 October 2019
  07:30 – 08:30hrs
  Gyoun Room, 4F



Topic Expert
Table 1 IOLs
Oliver FINDL, Austria Yoshihiko NINOMIYA, Japan
Table 2 Refractive Surgery
Terry KIM, USA Sri GANESH, India
Table 3 Biometry
FAM Han Bor, Singapore Graham BARRETT, Australia
Table 4 Complex Cataracts
Shin YAMANE, Japan  Abhay VASAVADA, India
Table 5 Cornea
Donald TAN, Singapore Jun SHIMAZAKI, Japan
Table 6 Glaucoma
Chelvin SNG, Singapore Yoshiaki KIUCHI, Japan

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Glaucoma (Chelvin Sng and Yoshiaki Kiuchi)
[FULL] IOLs (Oliver Findl and Yoshihiko Ninomiya)
[FULL] Refractive Surgery (Terry Kim and Sri Ganesh)
[FULL] Biometry (Fam Han Bor and Graham Barrett)
[FULL] Complex Cataracts (Shin Yamane and Abhay Vasavada)
[FULL] Cornea (Donald TAN and Jun Shimazaki)